El Palomar

The collaboration of El Palomar (Alfred Mauve and Karla Kracht) and Inés Boza/ SenZaTemPo started in 2006 with the production of “La Canción de Margarita” / Margarita’s Song and continued in 2008 with “A+, cosas que nunca te conté” / A+ things I never told,  2010 “Anatomía de un Sueño”/ Anatomy of a Dream. They collaborate in the triptych “Las cicatrices invisibles”/ The invisible Scars (2011-13).

They have co-created the projects “Out Side” (landscape dance and photography) and the video installation “hideouts_“, which is related to the creation of “A+, Cosas que nunca te conté”


El Palomar, cultural association has been constituted in 2003 in order to organize multicultural artistic exchanges, interdisciplinary expositions, workshops and collaborations with other artists and cultural organizations from various disciplines.

In 2009 they present a preview of the video installation “hideouts_” in the industrial elevator of the Contemporary dance and Scenic Art Center LA CALDERA as part of the programme “Nodes de Gràcia”.

During 2009 and part of 2010 they work at the project “Anatomía de un sueño”.

In september 2010 the live video performance “Absinthe Drinker” by Alfred Mauve and Karla Kracht has beeen presented at the festival “Performance”, Paderborn, Germany.