Secretes doors

Project between Ines Boza_SenZa TemPo and La Caldera that joint different choreographic languages in public spaces and integrated within the various artistic proposals, unprofessional people. The pilot test was shown in 2011 in Gràcia (Barcelona) neighbourhood and is nowadays in develop process for other places / festivals (in situ).

Since my and Senza TemPo career, we have being realizing in parallel to our work in theatres and indoor, outdoor pieces taht are these experiences of contact with the  “wild” public (not domesticated) to see if we’re still alive. Since 1994, that we did our first outdoor show, “Capricho”.

This is a parallel line, almost in the shadow and even almost ¿discredited?. I have noticed that companies and creators who work contemporary performing arts from movement and dance in La Caldera, everyone has had some approachment experience to the audience and the theatrical language in public spaces (outdoor).

One of the goals of this project is to highlight this aspect of the performing arts for which there is never enough budget.

The aim is to highlight that door that is open from long time ago in the performing arts and dance. The door through which we let get out those unconventional stage languages to the street. The door through we come out from the “temples of knowledge” where languages and audiences are a little asleep, to offer to this alive audience in cities.

We are not talking about street theatre, in the conventional sense of the word, we don’t do parades, or work with big structures, we do not use fire, or stilts, and we don’t necessarily mix with people. These scenic languages claim the street as a poetical place where rigor and new trends are not at odds with everyday life, with the creation of parallel worlds, on the outside or specific and unusual spaces.