Las mujeres y cuerdas, De la guitarra, Es menester talento Para templarlas Flojas no suenan, Y suelen saltar muchas Si las aprietan

(Canción popular siglo XVII)

Short piece of theatre – dance to the open air performed in squares, gardens, harbours

Piece for three women and one man

Duration 25′

Capricho is a sensual, ironic and surreal mediterranean story conceived on a roof in Barcelona’s gothic quarter in a warm summer of drought. The life on the rooftops and the ancient, every day rites of the water-bearing women. Water is in it a source, a source of pleasure and rivalry. The music is mediterranean (Egyptian, Italian and Spanish).

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the rhythm is perfect, the choreography irreproachable, the music all-enveloping,… the audience was captivated. Le journal dans la rue (Chalon sur Saône) 25 de julio de 1998

A performance in which dance plays a leading role and which aims to excite the audience through emotion. La Mañana, Lleida 8 de octubre 1997