L’home, la dona i l’altre dona

Dance-Theatre piece for indoors.

Piece for 2 women and 1 man.

55’ of duration

The man, the woman and the other woman

Result of the collaboration between Carles Mallol, Viviane de Moraes and Mercè Recacha (3 creators and dancers that have a long history with Senza Tempo) based on a suggestion by Carles Mallol. In this forest where the three characters meet themselves with a goal of thinking and discovering from the loneliness and the knowledge of the other, some faces hidden in relationships between men and women.

Thanks to

L’home, la dona i l’altra dona es una coproducción de Senza Tempo, el Mercat de les Flors, el Festival Temporada Alta 2007, INAEM – Ministerio de Cultura y Educación y Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Coproduction of

festival Temporada Alta 07 (Girona) & Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona)

in agreement with

ICAC-Generalitat de Catalunya

Supported by

ICUB-Ajuntament de Barcelona, INAEM-Ministerio de Cultura y Educación Recibe ayudas para gira del Institut Ramón Llull

Compay is associate of La Caldera, Centre of Dance and Scenic Art creation.

Year of Production