La Menina dels meus Olhos


Lola Matos , the director of the festival FIAR of Palmela proposes to Inés Boza_SenZaTemPo to collaborate in the creation of a show with the theater group as Avosinyas de Palmela. This group consits of women older than sixty years and is directed by Matos since 2002. The proposal was presented in the Festival of Valladolid in may and in Fiar Portugal In July of 2011

“I met Lola Matos in the production and presentation of A+, cosas que nunca te conté in the Festival Fiar, of Palmela, Portugal that she directs. And the theater group  As Avosinyas de Palmela in the presentation of one of their shows in the inauguration of the Festival.

They are a singular mix of professionalism and humanity. They achieve with the rigorous of their work and the truth of their love to what they do, what all the professionals of the scenic arts pursued like an exlusive essence: the presence of the life in scene.

“La Menina dels teus Olhos”  is a show about happiness. Eight ladies before a wedding and with the Lisbon earthquake like a rumor and symbol of fear ¿What is Happiness for these women of sixty, eighty years in a Portuguese village? ¿How is it expressed through their old bodies?

The proposal is to create a piece based on the theatrical of movement, in the dance that lives in the bodies, the gestures, in the voices and words. If you look at life with music in the ears, you see that dance is in the wind, in the game of speaking hands, in the legs that swing from a chair too high.” Inés Boza

Counts with  the music composition and stage presence of  2 young Portuguese musicians, Mute and Mary, who had already worked with SenZa TemPo in the creation of A+, cosas que nunca te conté and with Inés Boza in “at 29 º of Paradise”, the production “Viatges a la Felicitat” of the National Theatre of Catalonia. And in the video of El Palomar (Alfred Mauve and Karka Kracht) , SenZaTemPo regular contributors

Creation and Production



Compañía SenzaTempo; Câmara Municipal de Palmela; Junta de Freguesia de Palmela; Festival TAC Valladolid