Anatomía de un Sueño (Anatomy of a Dream)

A dance-theatre piece with video conceived and directed by Inés Boza_Senza Tempo.


Duration 55min.

A scenic director is attacked by a dream. When she recovers from these wounds, she dedicates herself to analyze the anatomy of dreams, with the secret goal that the next time one comes to attack her, she will know defense herself. The show originates in an investigation of dramaturgy and choreography in contemporary theatrical writing. It talks about the creative process and composition of a show, which combines dance, theater, images, music …. and looks for answers to questions like: Is it a show the result of a dream? Is it possible to dissect that dream? Is it possible offer to the public a show the intimate process of creating this show?


Pascal Larderet, Toni Mira, Claire Ducreux, Montse Colomé, Alexis Eupierre, Sol Picó y Jordi Cardoner.

Thanks to

Toni Mira, Alicia Pérez Cabrero, Álvaro de la Peña, Ricardo Salas, Joel Cortés Gimeno, to the team of La Caldera and for providing the images of “La vida es…” to Carlus Camps Torner.

The report 001 counted with the subsiedies for research by CONCA.

Production of

Senza Tempo, coprouction of La Caldera. With collaboration of Le Lieu Noir de Sète (Francia) and Festival TAC de Valladolid.

download the dossier (PDF – 1,1 MB)


Is it possible to display in a show the intimate process of creation of itself? This is the challenge that posed herself and solved Inés Boza in her latest award dance-theater show, using video and live music for it, which eviscerates the process of creation, from the first spark to their representation. There was no better start for the festival than “Anatomy of a Dream”, that will situate the viewer from now and forever, or so it seems, in front the dance. Cuarta Pared. Madrid. Septiembre 20011.