Spanish dance team ups the tempo for its trilogy finale. Senza Tempo.
Streets Ahead Festival Manchester

It’s a sign of the high regard which Manchester’s Streets Ahead Festival is held across

the world that Spanish dance theatre group Senza Tempo last night chose to stage a world premiere here rather than their native Barcelona. Zahoríes is the third part of the company’s Trilogy of Water.
It continues the journey that began in 1998′s enthralling Lazurd show and sees the company taking over Upper Campfield Market, one of the few times this useful site has been pressed into service since the Royal Exchange decamped.
The setting is a dry desert landscape through which three characters, two men and a woman, wander, fight and make love as they search for that precious but scarce necessity water. It’s an elusive and dreamlike show that is, by turn, mysterious, humourous, abandoned and sexy.
Its eventual meaning may be less than crystal clear but it still offers some worthwhile entertainment. Running as it does at just about an hour and, like all the other Streets Ahead events, completely free, this show is well worth investigating.

Evening news, may 5, 2000