Pain with a female name. – Magarita’s Song

Play: «La canción de Margarita». Art Direction: Inés Boza. Performers: Sarah Anglada, Alba Barral, Anna Briansó, Viviane de Moraes, Nello Nebot, Mercedes Recacha. Sala Ambigú. Valladolid.

It is not the first time that the Catalonian company Senza Tempo has reached triumph in Valladolid. Their multidisciplinary proposals, a combination of theatre and dance, performers that manage to transmit emotions and feelings through movement, the scenic display given by audiovisual projections and the prominence of music, charm the audience.

The show is beautiful thanks to the exhibition of force, irony and sensibility of the performers’, understanding between them, move and communicate, both individually and as a group, feelings and emotions.

JULIA AMEZÚA (ABC, 5 de febrero 2007)