The imagination of the truth

Senza Tempo delights us with a show as realistic as a fable can be… The scenes pass by as pictures from a baroque altarpiece of surreal plasticity and the performers play their part to perfection, … From a good seventy five minute show to the pleasure of dance forever.
Bàrbara Raubert Nonell - Avui 08.05.04

A walk through dreams and reality

… But it is in the theatrical section where Senza Tempo prints its hallmark with their poetic way of showing content… All this becomes a success thanks to performers who give with their differences, physical and interpretative, one of the best assets of the show… Actors and dancers in which Pablo Ley has known how to carve a good dramatic job.
El Periódico 08.05.04

Language in movement

The Senza Tempo company fascinates with its latest show” The non-existent garden” in the TNC… The group uses rare scenic appearances, in a combination of the surreal with everyday life. And what is more important: it does not give up on telling stories…
Guillem Clua – El Periódico/Suplemento Cultural Viernes-07.05.04

The garden of dreams

An attractive show in which the movements of the characters have, for a start, a reason to be, something to give thanks for… The Shakespearean comedy is, with no doubt, a solid base for this very agile and entertaining staging about human duality, but it is not necessary to know the work of the bard to understand what Senza Tempo wants to tell us.
Begoña Barrena – El País 07.05.04

Lived Dream

Shakespeare’s work gives the whole, despite the liberties taken in the details, a dramatic frame of enormous internal cohesion… The Non-existent Garden is a piece rich and diverse in details, overwhelming, suggestive in its development and of a high finale. A lived dream.
 Joaquim Noguero -La Vanguardia 06.05.04