“Everybody harbours an unquenchable thirst and an open wound.

This is the dark heart of human movement, where his strong and inner heart-beat is to be found. All dry earth hides within is depth the flow of water.”

(J. De Asbaje)

This piece can be performed inside or outdoors

Piece for one woman and two men

Duration 55′

Zahoríes is the third piece of the Trilogy of Water.

The journey begun in Lazurd continues. The characters have left the circle of water to go on their way. A different landscape is to be found; a dry, desolate wasteland; where they will have to search for water. Their search will take them deep into a world somewhere between reality and dreams. The process of desertization which inspired Zahoríes is that of the dry, barren Iberian regions; that of the concrete desert in which we live, and that of human relationships.

Our Zahoríes (water diviners) are searching for the subterranean waters of the human character; love, memory and dreams. These waters are there, flowing but hidden, while we are dying of thirst. They are joined by the wind and the sounds of the desert, the music of Spanish rituals and African voices.

Thanks to

Agnés Blot

Production of

Senza Tempo and Mercat de les Flors.


Fira de Tàrrega and Streets Ahead Festival de Manchester


Ajuntament of Lleida and el Ajuntament of Mollet del Vallés

Funded by

ICUB- Ajuntament de Barcelona, Departament de Cultura – Generalitat de Catalunya, INAEM- Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. Colaboración en gira COPEC


Senza Tempo bring us an interesting reflection on life, our individual internal strengths and our relationships with each other. (…)A beautiful, infinitely open, stage space with that projection onto the naked wall, and the desert-like floor sown with wild life. El Mundo (Valladolid), 28th May 2000

This story, told by Senza Tempo, is supported by, sometimes sensual, Mediterranean music, and by beautiful, suggestive images containing an expressive strength. José G. L. Antuñano, ABC (Valladolid) 28th May 2000

It’s an elusive and dreamlike show that is by turn, mysterious, humorous, abandoned and sexy. Manchester Evening News, 5th May 2000

download the dossier of the Water Trilogy (Word – 36 kB)