Peixos a les Butxaques

Piece of theater-dance for indoors
Piece for three women an one man
Duration 55’

Peixos a les Butxaques (Fish in pockets) is a show that, like a dream or a story book is formed by three short plays. Three stories wich link together to remind us that our childhood dreams are the essence of what we are.

Throughout the threes stories legends, erotic symbols, dreams and rituals slide across, travelling like fish in our collective and individual imagination.

De tul a tul” (“from tul to tul”) is the story of the woman that had tree dreams and in them discovered that the journey trough life took her from one white tulle dress to another. Venid the purity of white she could see the colours of sex, gambling and the unknown.

Cien Años” (“One hundred years”) is a play conceived for a man sleeping, a singer and two ballet dancers. It’s all about the deep and tímeles sep of legends and red apples.

El día en que…” (“The day in wich…”) is the dream of a man that does not dare wake up or the story of he who dreamt he was asleep.

Thanks to

Teatre Cirvianum de Torelló, Montse Colomé, Lipi Hernández y Rosario Pardo

Coproduction of

Senza Tempo and Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona.


Senza Tempo recibe subvención del ICUB-Ajuntament de Barcelona, INAEM-Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte y el Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.


“As all of Senza Tempo’s work, Peixos a les butxaques shows an extraordinary performance…”

“ The solo played by Carles Mallol is truly splendid.”

El País, Sunday 7 de april 2002


“Senza Tempo’s work is poetry with highlights that always withhold a second thought”

“…the best of “Peixos a les Butxaques” is this growing progress, its bet for vitality which is namely their characteristic”

“The grove where Senza Tempo find their rotos is its facility to seduce with powerful and auggestive images”

La Vanguardia, Sunday, 7 April 2002


“A show which stimulates imagination, paints a smile on your face and stimulates memories”

“The conjugation of these coreographies has propitiated a play which gathers the best of Senza Tempo.”

El Periódico, Tuesday 9 April 2002