Lazurd Un viaje a través del agua

El mediterráneo no existe…

se trata solo de un mar interior que

uno debe navegar cada día. Sus aguas tan limpias son el fondo azul de la memoria.

(Manuel Vicent)

Dance Theater piece for indoors and public space

Piece for 5 performers

Duration 60′

The story of a journey to nowhere, an experience of transformation. It is built on the astonishing front of frontiers, on the fascination and fear by the different.

A circle of water is the space where different ways begin or end, a meeting-point for celebrations, a focus for sensual, age-old rituals. And also a journey with ghosts and childhood games through a circle of calm water. Lazurd let it go by music’s spirit of wandering people like Gypsies or Jews.

Coproduction of

Senza Tempo con la Fira de Teatre i Dansa de Tàrrega, Manchester International Arts y Expo’98 de Lisboa (BP).

Colaboration with

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the Ayuntamiento de Mollet del Vallés.


This work shows how the boundaries between dance and theatre can be convincingly blurred (…) But providing a definition is not what matters here, rather it is a matter of feeling what these artists are offering. A journey. (…) Everything from the original idea to the directing, via the acting, takes us on a journey whose final destination is none other than Art itself.. Carlos Gil, Gara (Bilbao), 14th February 2000

The excellent choreography is executed against a sharp selection of musical themes, and set within an ingenious and highly imaginative stage decor.

Roger Sales, El Pais (Madrid) 5th June 1999

The audience broke out in spontaneous applause,… a work with moments of enormous beauty and irony. El País ( Barcelona) 14th September 1998


Let yourself get carried away by the music, the performance, and the enormous ability this group has to entertain. One’s attention doesn’t waver for a second, being totally enthralled by the beauty of the images and the ever increasing tempo.

Andres Molinari, Ideal (Granada) 3rd November 1998


A beautiful conceived and executive piece, this, full of comic whimsy and poetic drama.

Mary Brennan, The Herald (Glasgow) May 13 1998

download the dossier of the Water Trilogy (Word – 36 kB)