hideouts_ – Video Installation


The video installation “hideouts” is based on a collaboration between El Palomar (Alfred Mauve and Karla Kracht), for the dance theatre piece “A+ cosas que nunca te conté” by Inés Boza/ Senza Tempo.

A caravan as a symbol for those that leave, as a symbol for utopia, liberty and transit. Of this no man’s land between expulsion of ones’ origins and a uncertain future. A caravan as projection screen that submerges us in different levels of reality.

The sources of the work of hideouts_ are materials and ideas of A+, that haven’t been used in the final piece and the planning for the future project „Anatomía de un sueño“ (… which had its’ première in may 2010, TAC Valladolid). It is a remix of existent material, stage production material interwoven with personal investigation.

A first preview of hideouts_ was presented at Nodes de Gracia 2009 in an industrial elevator. The elevator as an “architectonical hideout”, a hideout for our collective memory…

The Work

hideouts_  installation for three synchronised monitors. There is no storyteller but there are hidden stories, about freedom, time and transit. Hideouts_refers to symbols. A no man’s land

As the title indicates the film is a hideout of our collective memory, without referring exclusivly to the past. It gave us the sensation to assist a continiously process of suggestions which are directed to the spectators concience. A dense interwaeving of images and emotions. Fragments. cutt offs from television, VCR, and S-8 -archieves. found-footage from social networks.

A revolution on a small scale that doesn’t remain in the pictorial exploration of the grain or pixel. It looks at the same time for a narrative renovation.

We all have a prehistory, a personal history and a common history. A story at least. hideouts_ is referring to them, who do not accept reality as it is represented and constructed. It’s about uncovering connections. Connections between the found footage and our interior images. Connections between youth and and age, between the actor and the writer of a play. Connexión between “nowhere” and “now & here”, memories and initiative.

Hideouts_ could be what Françios Truffaut called “le cinéma de la chambre du fond”…


Idea & realisation

Alfred Mauve, Karla Kracht